[Video] Watch us play Robot Unicorn Attack 2

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Robot Unicorn Attack 2

If you’re going to play any endless runner this week, make it Robot Unicorn Attack 2. This game is eccentric, colorful, pretty and overall fun. If you’ve played the original Robot Unicorn Attack, you’ll be happy with the improvements Adult Swim games has made. You can customize your unicorn with different horns, wings, and manes. Each custom item has its own perks. You can also participate in an ongoing community competition that pits Team Rainbow against Team Inferno. The goal of each team is to smash into as many stars as possible. Each match lasts for 24 hours, and the winning team gets in-game currency as a reward.

Rainbow Unicorn Attack 2 is only available for iOS at the moment. It’s free-to-play, but there are nonrestrictive in-game purchases in the form of currency. This is not a game that is out to rip you off like so many others. You can have a great time without spending a dime. Take a look at our gameplay demonstration below.

Download Link [iTunes]

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