The Wii U Virtual Console is finally here

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Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo has stuck to its word and released the Virtual Console for the Wii U a day after the console’s latest firmware update. You won’t have to do anything fancy to get the Wii U Virtual Console. A quick stop at the eShop will reveal a banner showcasing the classic games that are currently available. You’ll need to to purchase these games a second time if you already own them on the Wii, but they’ll come at a discount. NES games will cost $1 and SNES games are $1.50. If you’ve never purchased these games before, you’ll have to pay full price.

There are only eight Wii U Virtual Console games available. Some of them were already a part of Nintendo’s ongoing Virtual Console Trial Campaign. Kirby’s Adventure is the latest game in the promotion. It can be purchased for $.30 until May 16. It’ll be followed by Super Metroid, Yoshi and Donkey Kong.

Below is a list of all the Wii U Virtual Console games and their original prices.

  • Super Mario World – $7.99
  • Excitebike – $4.99
  • Donkey Kong Jr. – $4.99
  • Balloon Fight – $4.99
  • F-Zero – $7.99
  • Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream – $4.99
  • Ice Climber – $4.99
  • Kirby’s Adventure – $0.30

Source [Nintendo]

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