Watch Grand Theft Auto V at 11am EST tomorrow

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grand theft auto v
April 30, 2013 is a very big deal for most gamers. That’s when Rockstar will be offering us up three new Grand Theft Auto V trailers as an offering, to open our hearts towards its latest, virtual, open-world crime spree. Whether or not they will work is unknown, but I think we should at least make an effort to watch the videos starring Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

The Grand Theft Auto V trailers will appear online at the official site at 11am EST. For those of us in other timezones, that’s 10am CST and 8am PST. Some people are going to be waking up early for this, I just know it. On the plus side, with it being that early, you probably will have time to see Michael, Franklin and Trevor in action.

I would suggest waiting and not heading to Rockstar Games the second the Grand Theft Auto V trailers are available. A lot of people are going to want to see these and if you all rush in at once, it’ll mean trouble. At best, it could take forever to watch what will probably be a one or two minute video. At worst, the rush of visitors could take the site down.

I’d say, check the Grand Theft Auto V trailers during your lunch break. It shouldn’t be as busy and you’ll be able to watch them properly, with the sound up and all. In fact, they’ll probably be available in other locations online by then, meaning you will have other options if the official page is moving too slow due to high demand. Besides, the important thing is getting to see the new trailers the first day they’re available.

Long story short, bookmark Rockstar Games’ site. Be online tomorrow. Watch the new Grand Theft Auto V trailers. You’ll be glad you did.

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