Ultimate version of Hotline Miami on the PS3 and Vita

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hotline miami
It’s starting to sound like the PS3 and Vita version of Hotline Miami will put the PC version to shame. I mean, it’s essentially the same, fantastic, indie game. You know, the overhead, retro, shoot’em up you fell in love with a year ago. The price is even similar. However, the version heading to Sony consoles is looking to be the new hotness, especially since it will have features the PC version can never get.

See, Hotline Miami creator Ralph Egas, of Dennatton Games, talked to GameKult about the port last week. During the interview, a number of important details came up. We already knew it was going to be a $9.99 cross-buy game, which is incredible. It means you get both the PS3 and Vita versions for $10, which is pretty awesome as the PC version is the same price. However, the friendly behavior between the PS3 and Vita versions doesn’t stop there.

Hotline Miami‘s PS3 and Vita versions will also support cross-play. This means people can enjoy the new cooperative multiplayer together, regardless of which system they’re using. I’d say it’s a pretty major highlight. I mean sure, Dennatton could eventually bring co-op to the Windows and Mac versions of Hotline Miami, but Sony fans will have it first.

There’s one more feature that should make people happy. Players can now lock-on to enemies. Triggering it is quite easy. If you’re on the Vita, you just tap who you want to shoot on the screen, and then you’ll be locked onto them. For PS3 owners, you actually have to face the guy and press L1. I’m glad to hear about this addition, as I think it’s a much needed feature for the game.

Look for Hotline Miami on the PlayStation Store sometime in 2013. Hopefully it will be released sooner, rather than later.

Source [GameKult] Via [Gematsu]

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