Game Dev Tycoon is like Game Dev Story for your PC or Mac

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Game Dev Tycoon If you loved Game Dev Story, but wished it had a more modern look, then maybe Game Dev Tycoon is for you. Game Dev Tycoon is all about starting your own development studio, creating games and trying to turn a profit. It sells for $7.99 from the Greenheart Games website. A free demo is also available.

You start the game off in your garage with no fellow employees. You can only develop for a couple platforms, and your genre choices are also limited. When you’re making a game, you can choose which features to focus on. For example, do you focus on graphics or the story? Once the game is complete, you can either spend time to work out bugs or push it out immediately. Once the game is published, it’s reviewed by critics and put up for sale. A good combination of genres can contribute to good reviews, and good reviews means better sales figures.

As you progress, you’ll earn research points that can be used to create your own game engine and unlock additional genres. Eventually you’ll move out of the garage and into a proper studio. It’s a good simulation, but Game Dev Tycoon is unfortunately suffering from a massive piracy problem.

Greenheart Games intentionally released a cracked version of its game onto a torrent site. The cracked version contains an in-game message that informs the player the games they created are being pirated. From there, the player constantly loses money until the studio goes bankrupt. The sad part is over 93% of Game Dev Tycoon players (out of 3,104 users) obtained the game illegally. So if you want to get this game, do the right thing and pay for it.

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