EA’s FIFA 14 to introduce Pure Shot, Protect the Ball systems

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FIFA 14 Protect the BallA great shot is often the only thing anyone can talk about the day after the game. EA wants to bring that same level of excitement to FIFA Soccer 14. Players will need to use anticipation, positioning and timing to get the right angles. You can try for an off balance shot, but you will receive penalties to accuracy in the process.

Protect The Ball deals with the importance of possession. It doesn’t matter how well your offense runs if you don’t have the ball. This feature allows players to evade defenders regardless of what they are moving at. Players can move their body to shield the ball. Also, while the ball is at their feet they can step into the opposition. Positioning is important here too. FIFA 14 plans to capture the intensity of a player battling to get into position to receive the pass. Victors will be in the perfect place to get the ball and turn defenders.

It isn’t just players that are getting an upgrade in FIFA 14. EA Sports is working on the ball itself with Real Ball Physics, which is supposed to create the same trajectories we would see on the real pitch.

We are in a year of new consoles, of course. EA’s official announcement mentions only the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Sony and Microsoft are unveiling their next gen products soon, and it’s hard to imagine EA doesn’t join the next gen alongside them. The publisher’s plan for the Wii U may differ. It drew serious heat for releasing essentially the same game as FIFA 12 and calling it FIFA 13. It updated the rosters and added the new soundtrack, but there were no new modes. It did the same thing on the PlayStation Vita, yet charged brand new prices.

E3 2013 should give us new info as to what EA Sports has planned for FIFA 14 and other franchises for the next console generation. GamerTell will be there live to bring you the latest and greatest.

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