Class of Heroes 2 presales prove a point

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class of heroes 2
The Class of Heroes 2 Kickstarter failed. It’s sad, but true, and brought on a slew of internet speculations that were going to use the setback to make generalizations. Just look at the comments section on a Kotaku story reporting the downfall. One user, by the name of Rathorlal said, “Look, there is your problem right there, NO ONE wanted Class of Heroes 2, at least not enough people ever would.” Another by the name of chaosyoshimage said, “You’re going to make a digital version of it anyway, so who cares.” Those two comments basically encapsulate the thoughts of many gamers. I just picked them out of the crowd because these two people made their point so efficiently. You can’t blame them, because there’s a lot of truth to what people were saying.

Class of Heroes was okay, but it wasn’t a fantastic game. It was tedious and had quite a few flaws that marred the overall experience. It was giving Class of Heroes 2, a vastly superior game, a bad name. Plus, Gaijinworks and Monkeypaw Games had already committed to a digital PSP and Vita release of the game, which I’m sure would give many pause when it came to helping fund a $500,000 Kickstarter project to make a deluxe, limited, physical edition. Yet, a large number of people are proving that the company’s idea was a good one and that there are people who still want physical UMD games.

Gaijinworks has opened pre-sales for a special physical+digital copy of Class of Heroes 2. It isn’t the fancy release they were offering had the Kickstarter succeeded, but is rather an opportunity to get both a UMD and download of the game, as well as a box and instruction manual for $36.99. Gaijinworks and Monkeypaw Games decided to offer 2,700 copies until May 8, 2013, for people who did want Class of Heroes 2. Not just a downloadable copy, but a physical one as well.

The response has been amazing. The Class of Heroes 2 preorders opened on April 29, 2013. Later that same day, Gaijinworks’ Victor Ireland tweeted that 40% were sold. For those who hate math, that means 1,080 copies had been pre-ordered when he made that tweet. There has been no follow-up tweet yet, but at this rate I expect the Class of Heroes 2 physical+digital copy to be sold out by May 1, 2013.

Of course, you could always take this sales boom to mean the 882 backers who stepped up to contribute $96,951 to the Class of Heroes 2 Kickstarter are stepping up to claim their game. But what about those extra 200 people? I’d like to think that this success means that people do still support the PSP. That physical copies still matter. Most importantly, I hope it means that people are still willing to support a company that wants to take risks on unorthodox games, even if the majority of the niche fanbase doesn’t want them.

In the meantime, if you want a physical+digital copy of Class of Heroes 2, order it. They’re limited and going fast!

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