[Video] HeroClix TabApp Elite seeks Skylanders fame on tablets

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HeroClix TabApp Elite

NECA, WizKids and MFV recently released HeroClix TabApp Elite. TabApp Elite is comprised of a free mobile application for iOS and Android, and physical toys that carry the Marvel and DC Comics licenses. For $15, players can purchase a starter pack that includes a main character such as Superman and a new contraption called the ClixStation. The ClixStation serves as a portal that transports the toys into the game. Players can then fight in Survival and King of the Hill gameplay modes across a handful of stages.

Each character’s combat style can also be changed by twisted the dial on their base. For example, Superman possesses Heavy Armor, Leader and High Speed abilities. Superman’s special abilities will also change depending on his play style at any given time.

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are the only characters that are currently available for HeroClix TabApp Elite. Additional booster packs will be released that contains characters such as Iron Man and Warmachine for $10. Older TabApp figures are also compatible with HeroClix TabApp Elite.

Some elements of HeroClix TabApp Elite may leave you with some questions, so we put together an extensive video that details everything you need to know.

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