E3 2013: Microsoft E3 press conference at 8:45am on June 10 (update)

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xbox 360 kinect microsoft e3 press conferenceAnother piece of the E3 2013 puzzle has fallen into place. Microsoft E3 press conference invitations have just gone out. On June 10, 2013, at 8:45am PST, we’ll get to see what Microsoft and other developers and publishers have planned for both the Xbox and the next Xbox. I’m guessing the actual event will begin at 9am PST, with the 8:45am time in place to make sure attendees have all arrived at LA’s Galen Center.

Microsoft hasn’t said how long the briefing will be. Usually, these things run one to two hours, at most. A website hasn’t been set up for live-streaming information yet either. I’m sure these things will come as Microsoft E3 press conference’s draws near.

I was hit by something unexpected when I signed up to attend. When I registered for Microsoft E3 press conference, it asked for an emergency contact. That’s new. I wonder if they’re expecting joyous riots when new games are announced. Perhaps they’re worried people can’t handle the excitement. Oh well, I’m sure it’s nothing. (Insert ominous music here.)

Between this and the Nintendo announcing it won’t be holding an E3 press conference, we’re down to one media briefing announcement. Better keep our eyes open, because Sony news is bound to be incoming.

So, what do you expect to see and hear at the Microsoft E3 press conference? The May 21, 2013 briefing is supposed to be about the next Xbox reveal. I’m guessing there will be more details and plenty of game announcements. I’m sure games will be the focus here, with lot of exclusives shown off, to get people excited about what they’ll actually see on the show floor. Perhaps there’ll be a new Halo. Personally, I’d be happy with a ridiculously awesome, exclusive RPG.

Update: Major Nelson has said on Twitter that a live-stream of the Microsoft E3 press conference will be broadcast online for people who are unable to attend.

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