Sony E3 press conference will take place June 10 at 6pm

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The gradual approach of E3 is really starting to sink in at this point. We’ve just learned Sony has set a date and time for its traditional press conference. It will take place on Monday June 10 at 6pm Pacific. That gives us plenty of time to sift through all the Microsoft announcements that will take place earlier that day. 

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to figure out what the main attraction at the press conference will be. We’re expecting Sony to spend a lot of time talking about the PlayStation 4. This will be the first time a large number of press and other industry types will be able to try the console for themselves. Since the next generation seems more focused on social features and improved interactivity than raw horsepower, we’ll be able to see for ourselves if the PS4 will be worth the initial investment. Of course, our interests will definitely be influenced by how much Sony decides to sell this thing for.

I’m not too optimistic about Vita news. Sony has had a long time to push the Vita, but it hasn’t. I think it’ll be an honorable mention, but will mostly be used to show off how it can interact with the PS4.

There’s still plenty of excitement to be had even though the PS4 reveal in February took a little wind out of the E3 sails.

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