Nintendo censors Tharja in Fire Emblem Awakening DLC

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tharja fire emblem awakening dlc uncensoredThe latest round of Fire Emblem Awakening DLC is pure fan service. The Scramble DLC bundle gives players three maps, titled Harvest Scramble, Summer Scramble and Hot Spring Scramble, and then lets them take their time playing them, enjoying new conversations between characters. Summer Scramble and Hot Spring Scramble are even more unusual, as they have special conversations between the player’s avatar and certain characters with special art. These were created as a result of a fan-vote in Japan, where players picked their favorites among the parent and child characters. However, people in North America aren’t seeing the image at the right of Tharja in her swimsuit when they talk to her in Summer Scramble.

tharja fire emblem awakening dlc censoredInstead, they’re seeing this picture of Tharja on the left. Yes, Nintendo decided to censor the latest Fire Emblem Awakening DLC. It’s a perplexing decision. The first image wasn’t particularly racy. This second leaves a bit more to the imagination. Yes, it does cover her butt. However, it also completely covers her bikini bottoms. If someone wasn’t paying close attention or didn’t know better, they may think she’s only wearing a top. I guess I understand the censorship, but it seems rather unnecessary. Especially since Nowi and Tharja still share a support conversation on this map where Nowi talks about Tharja’s “boingy bits.”

If Nintendo was going to censor anything, I’m surprised it wasn’t Cordelia’s scene in Summer Scramble. In her special screenshot, it appears her bikini top is coming off and she has to hold it up with her arms, as you can see here.
cordelia fire emblem dlc
I’d say it’s the more suggestive of the two images.

The other two special Fire Emblem Awakening DLC scenes in this round feature Chrom and Gaius in their swimsuits. Like Cordelia, their event images are uncensored. That means you get to enjoy them in their swim-trunk glory.

If you just want to buy Summer Scramble, it will cost you $2.50. You can get the pack of Scramble maps for $6.50, which is a much better deal. Next week’s Fire Emblem Awakening DLC update will include the last map in this pack, Hot Spring Scramble. Don’t get excited by the name – the four special event scenes for that map consist of Lucina, Owain, Severa and Inigo in yukatas when they speak with the player’s avatar.

Image Source: The Fire Emblem Wiki

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