Minecraft – Pocket Edition sells 10 million copies

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Minecraft - Pocket Edition
Minecraft developer Mojang have been celebrating after selling the 10 millionth copy of Minecraft – Pocket Edition. About a month ago, Mojang jumped for joy over the 10 millionth sale of the PC version of Minecraft as well as congratulating Mojang founder Markus “Notch” Persson for reaching 2nd place in Time magazine’s TIME 100 Poll.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition is currently available for iOS and Android devices. Unlike it’s PC counterpart, Minecraft – Pocket Edition is written in C++ rather than in Java and lacks a lot of the content that has been released in other versions.

Mojang hope to remedy the lack of content with an upcoming update that will add the extremely handy iron buckets. Buckets will allow players to pick up and place lava and water spawn blocks to create moats, waterfalls, incinerators and more.

The Minecraft – Pocket Edition update will also bring other additional features that Mojang haven’t revealed yet. Instead they’ve focused their blog post on the many upgrades to the game’s backend that will improve performance, usability and add special features for those running high-end mobile devices.

Lastly, Mojang described the integration of Minecraft Realms into Minecraft – Pocket Edition. Minecraft Realms will allow PC users and mobile users to rent servers from Mojang on which they can run larger, always-on Minecraft sessions. It’s an exciting new development which will undoubtedly open up new possibilities for Minecraft clans as well as bringing in some well deserved cash for Mojang.

Minecraft 1.6 snapshot brings coal blocks and fixes

Fear not Minecraft PC players, Mojang hasn’t forgotten about you! Nathan “Dinnerbone” Adams announced yesterday that a new snapshot version of the highly anticipated Minecraft 1.6 “Mob Update” is ready for download.

Minecraft 1.6Titled “Snapshot 13w18a”, this sneak peak at Minecraft 1.6 mainly contains bug fixes for previously released content as well as fixes for version 1.6 items such as carpets and horses. The most interesting additions  however are the new crafting recipes for animal leads and hay bales, and a brand new “coal block”.

It’s not yet known if the coal block has a functional use, like Minecraft 1.5’s Redstone blocks, or if it is simply used for storage purposes. This being said, Mojang have released a picture of a coal block sitting atop a hopper, suggesting that individual pieces of coal may be extracted from a coal block automatically. This would allow for more efficient steam powered mine cart refuelling stations among other contraptions.

What would you use a coal block for? Are you excited about Minecraft 1.6? Are you a Minecraft – Pocket Edition user? Leave us a comment below and let your thoughts be known!

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