GOG’s Classic EA Convoy discounts 27 games

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simcity 2000 classic ea convoy gog sale
Man, what a slow news day. Hopefully, this sale from GOG sale will pick up your spirits and get things moving. GOG has announced a Classic EA Convoy sale. During this event, 27 games have been drastically reduced. The most you’re going to play for a game right now is $3.99, and even then, that price is for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault War Chest, which includes the game and its two expansion packs. People with Windows and Mac computers should be rejoicing, and perhaps even getting their wallets out right now.

Let’s move on to GOG’s sale. This is the full Classic EA Convoy game list. All of the games below are reduced, with everything except Medal of Honor: Allied Assault War Chest being $2.39. Odds are, you’ll find at least one game you’d want to play.

  • Bioforge (Windows)
  • Crusader: No Remorse (Windows, Mac)
  • Crusader: No Regret (Windows, Mac)
  • Dungeon Keeper (Windows, Mac)
  • Dungeon Keeper 2 (Windows)
  • Lands of Lore 1+2 (Windows, Mac)
  • Lands of Lore 3 (Windows)
  • Magic Carpet (Windows, Mac)
  • Medal of Honor: Allied Assault War Chest (Windows)
  • Nox (Windows)
  • Populous (Windows, Mac)
  • Populous 2: Trials of the Olympian Gods (Windows, Mac)
  • Populous: The Beginning (Windows)
  • Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri (Windows, Mac)
  • Sim City 2000 Special Edition (Windows, Mac)
  • Starflight 1+2 (Windows, Mac)
  • Syndicate (Windows, Mac)
  • Theme Hospital (Windows, Mac)
  • Ultima 1+2+3 (Windows, Mac)
  • Ultima 4+5+6 (Windows, Mac)
  • Ultima 7 The Complete Edition (Windows, Mac)
  • Ultima 8 Gold Edition (Windows, Mac)
  • Ultima 9: Ascension (Windows)
  • Ultima Underworld 1+2 (Windows, Mac)
  • Wing Commander 1+2 (Windows, Mac)
  • Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger (Windows, Mac)
  • Wing Commander 4: The Price of Freedom (Windows)
  • Wing Commander: Privateer (Windows, Mac)
  • If you decide to go ahead and buy every game, it will cost you $66.13. The normal price would be $99.60 for everything, so you’re definitely getting a good deal. Of course every GOG sale is a good deal.

    You only have about a weekend to decide if you want something from the GOG Classic EA Convoy. The sale ends May 6, 2013.

    Product Page [GOG]

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