10 Vita games we want to see at E3 2013

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dragons crown vita games
Remember that “myth” that the Vita has no games? Ha ha. No, it isn’t true. The system does have games. It just doesn’t have a huge library yet. We’re hoping Sony fixes that over the next year, but E3 2013 could be a great way to show people Vita games that they have to own.

In fact, with my building excitement over the event, I’ve been thinking about what Vita games I want to see at E3 2013. No, scratch that. These are games that have to be at E3 this year. I think their presence and release could make a big impact on the handheld’s library.

Atelier Meruru Plus

What is it? This Vita game is a PS3-to-Vita port, ala Atelier Totori Plus, with a little bit of extra content. Players help Princess Meruru prepare the Kingdom of Arls for its integration into the Arland Republic over a number of years with the help of alchemy.
Why should it be there? Games in the Atelier are best played on the go.
Odds of it showing up at E3: I think we’ll definitely see it in North America, but since Tecmo Koei ninja-ed the release of Atelier Totori Plus onto the PlayStation Store, I don’t think this will be one of the Vita games at E3 2013.

Demon Gaze

What is it? It’s the story of a man named Oz with the ability to subjegate demons. He’s found unconscious by an innkeeper one day who takes him in, and Oz must then dungeon crawl with other people to pay off his debt to her.
Why should it be there? Demon Gaze did really well in Japan and we’re always up for more RPGs.
Odds of it showing up at E3: I’d say 10%. Kadokawa Games did trademark Demon Gaze in the US, so it wouldn’t be too crazy. Maybe it will be a XSEED surprise announcement?

Dragon’s Crown

What is it? Dragon’s Crown is the breathtaking, action RPG from VanillaWare. Players go through 2D dungeons, beating up anything that moves to acquire treasure and find out what’s up with this dragon that seems to want to destroy everything. Seriously, what’s up with that? It offers online coop as well.
Why should it be there? This game is beautiful and it’s going to probably be one of Atlus’ biggest games this year.
Odds of it showing up at E3: 100%. There’s no way Atlus won’t show this bad boy (or girl, in the case of the Sorceress) off.

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster

What is it? An HD remaster of the classic PS2 RPG, Final Fantasy X. It’s prettier and portable!
Why should it be there? FFX was one of the last good Final Fantasy games before the series went south.
Odds of it showing up at E3: 100%. Final Fantasy X HD Remaster is being released this year, so of course Square Enix will want to show it off.

hatsune miku project diva f vita games

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f

What is it? Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f is a fantastic music game starring the Vocaloids. It’s Miku-centric, but Luka, Rin, Len and the others show up as well. Plus, you can import your own MP3s and make your own tracks and videos.
Why should it be there? We need an English localization of this fantastic game. Let us give you our money Sega!
Odds of it showing up at E3: It already showed up at E3 2012. That was only two songs from the Japanese version though. Let’s see it there this year, but to announce the US release!

Holy Sorcery Story

What is it? Holy Sorcery Story is a roguelike RPG about exploring dungeons with adorable characters to find ingredients for the ultimate curry.
Why should it be there? … Did you not just read that description up there?
Odds of it showing up at E3: Compile Heart and Idea Factory want to release Holy Sorcery Story outside of Japan, and NIS America and Aksys both have good connections with the company. I think we’ll get it, but there’s probably only a 10% chance of it appearing at E3 2013.

The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki Evolution

What is it? It’s the latest installment in the Legend of Heroes series which brought us games like the incredible, Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. Players join Lloyd ad his friends as they investigate Lloyd’s brother’s death and of course get caught up in a more far-reaching series of events.
Why should it be there? The recent Legend of Heroes games have been amazing and as I said before, more RPGs are always welcome on the Vita. Especially since its predecessor was an RPG haven.
Odds of it showing up at E3: Nope. It isn’t going to happen. Not yet. Maybe, hopefully, XSEED will pick it up, but this won’t be one of the Vita games at the show.

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus

What is it? This is an action game from Marvelous about buxom, female ninjas who go around beating stuff up like crazy.
Why should it be there? Despite it’s blatant fanservice, it’s supposed to be a really good game. Plus, it already has an internet cult following.
Odds of it showing up at E3: I’m… not sure. Call me crazy, but I think some publisher will pick it up and release it outside of Japan eventually. I just don’t know if this will be one of the Vita games shown off at E3 2013. I’ll say it’s very unlikely though.

tearaway vita games


What is it? Players go on a message with either Iota or Atoi, shifting the paper world to help him or her reach the goal and get a very special message.
Why should it be there? This Media Molecule game looks amazing and is one of the Vita games people have been waiting a while to play.
Odds of it showing up at E3: It’s going to be there. It better be there. If Tearaway isn’t at Sony’s E3 booth, I’ll cry.

Ys: Memories of Celceta

What is it? This is the Falcom reimagining of Ys IV, which is coming to North America for the first time, courtesy of XSEED. Adol has a whole new adventure to undertake with a party of companions.
Why should it be there? Ys is a fantastic series of RPGs and I know I can’t be the only one who’s been eagerly anticipating this title since it was announced earlier this year.
Odds of it showing up at E3: It will be there, but I don’t know if it will be on the show floor. I have a feeling XSEED will only show it off behind closed doors.

So, what Vita games do you want to see at E3 2013?

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  • KingJCT7

    Only thing I would love to see on the PS Vita would be a 3rd DISSIDIA! And maybe a port of Sonic Generations with exclusive levels & content… :-)

  • nate5

    1. Killzone: Mercenary
    2. Batman Arkam Origins: Blackgate
    3. Lego Marvel Heros

    Im pretty sure all three will be there and have release dates in the fall. Hopefully Killzone: Mercenary will be the shooter that we have all been waiting for

  • Fei-hung

    1) some version of a hidden expedition game. Mystery Abbey style would be awesome minus the micro transactions and stupid grinding process.

    2) theme park game

    3) something similar to virtues last reward minus the never ending dialogue

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