GameStop doesn’t want your PS2s anymore

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gamestop ps2Do you have a PlayStation 2 and games that you suddenly don’t want anymore? Well, GameStop doesn’t want it either. The signs are up and the gate is closed. As of June 1, 2013, the PS2 is out. It isn’t welcome in the store.

The stand-up ad has started appearing in GameStop stores across the country. If the ad isn’t there, then check with the employees and you’ll see. The death knell has come. Which means you can’t get extra cash from getting rid of those.

On the plus side, it probably means that there will be a substantial discount incoming soon on PS2 games. I know, they’re already cheap at GameStop stores, but expect them to get even cheaper. A massive clear out is coming.

There’s another bright side to all this. Odds are, your existing PS2 games are going to start getting more valuable as well. When this happens, you’re bound to find some good deals.

In fact, I’d suggest keeping an eye on Craigslist in the coming weeks. People who can’t sell their PS2 games and systems to GameStop anymore may attempt to take matters into their own hands. By cutting out the middleman, you could find something really good at a great price.

As this closes out, let’s have a moment of silence for the PS2 again. It’s been a fantastic system with a great run, but this kind of news means that it’s probably the end for Sony’s most popular console. Kudos PS2! You were truly appreciated and loved. We hate to see you go, but we’re sure going to take advantage of any de

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