XSEED picks up Atlus Online and becomes Marvelous USA

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marvelous usaOne of your favorite, niche game publishers has just become a little better. XSEED, bearer of all import games good and delightful, has transformed. Say hello to Marvelous USA. That’s a pretty catchy name, isn’t it? The move isn’t terribly surprising. Back in 2008. Marvelous and XSEED made a deal where XSEED would co-publish Marvelous Entertainment games in North America, as a means of helping the Japanese publisher find its place in North America.

Of course, this move isn’t just cosmetic. More’s going on than a name-change. XSEED Games will still exist, but will now be a brand within Marvelous USA. So your favorite XSEED games will still be there, just now it’s part of the big, happy Marvelous Entertainment family. Now all it need to be complete is to have Rising Star Games join the party!

Actually, the group gets even bigger and cozier. Marvelous USA includes another brand as well. Marvelous Entertainment purchased Atlus Online, and is now in charge of all of its MMORPGs. It’s going to end up being dubbed Marvelous Online, within the Marvelous USA brand. So Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent, Pandora Saga and Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine should be covered under that. It’s going to be odd, seeing a Shin Megami Tensei outside of the Atlus family, but these things happen. Besides, XSEED and Atlus are cozy too.

Well, I’d say E3 2013 just got a little more interesting. After all, Marvelous AQL is handling Kaio: King of Pirates and Fate/Extra CCC in Japan. I’d say that could mean both games are guaranteed US releases. Maybe Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus will even get released outside of Japan! I’m really excited. I know Marvelous and XSEED already were all buddy-buddy, but this announcement makes me hope for even more great, new games coming over from Japan.

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