Moby Dick card game meets its Kickstarter goal

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Moby Dick Trading CardMembers of PETA, just go ahead and look away. Actually, anybody that hates the work of Herman Melville should leave too. Everybody else, a new Kickstarter project will turn “Moby Dick” into a card game. Games company King Post is taking on the task of bringing Melville’s 1851 classic to tabletops.

The tale of an obsessed captain’s hunt for a white whale has endured through the years. It is still an unlikely candidate for becoming a card game. One of my college professors had a theory that no one, even the hundreds of writers who did literary critiques on it, had ever completely read the book. It was a theory I didn’t read enough of it to challenge him on. Though it seems a strange subject for a card game, the project has raised $65,000 since April 30. That goes well past its initial $25,000 goal.

Moby Dick is for two to four players and the company touts it as “easy to learn but fathoms deep.” King Post President Tavit Geudelekian describes it as a cross between Magic: The Gathering and Settlers of Catan. It contains three different decks: The Sea, The Sailor and The Whale. The artwork draws inspiration from the Barry Moser woodcuts in the 1979 Arion Press edition of  “Moby Dick.” This game could easily turn out to be a collectible for Melville fans, whether they ever play it or not.

Geudelekian considers this a natural evolution of the author’s work. He told The Washington Post he believes Melville always meant it to be interactive. King Post initially considered it for a video game, then decided cards would be more appropriate. After seeing the incredible response, they’re again thinking it could succeed as a mobile app.

Between this new card game and the whaling revealed in Assassin’s Creed IV, could whales be the game industry’s new zombies?

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