Indie games getting special treatment on PlayStation Store

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Sony has been showing independent game developers a lot of love recently. Whether it’s the ample use of the Pub Fund to bring more games to the PS3 and Vita, or the recent Spring Fever 2013 sale that made new indies the focus on the PlayStation Store, they’re showing their affection. Now, it’s going a step forward to cement their relationship. Just like Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation Store is getting its own indie section.

Unfortunately, the PlayStation Store’s indie section isn’t getting a snazzy accronym like XBLIG. No, it’s just going to be the Indie Category. Simple, yet effective I say. All indie games will be comfortably housed in that section, so you don’t have to hunt through the store for what you want.

The PlayStation Store’s Indie Category will start appearing after the May 7, 2013 update. Which is today, so look for it then. It will appear in both the PS3 and Vita storefronts. I encourage you to, because there are going to be two major games on sale to celebrate this change. Both Papa & Yo and Retro City Rampage are on sale from May 7-21, 2013. Playstation Plus members will get 55% off the former, with non-members getting a 40% discount. Retro City Rampage is 50% off for all.

I especially recommend Retro City Rampage. It’s a fantastic game and a cross-buy title, which means you get it for the PS3 and Vita. (Personally, I prefer it on the Vita!)

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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