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acttilWith all of these developers and publishers downsizing or closing doors, it’s always wonderful to hear about new life in the industry. Which is why we should celebrate the birth of Acttil! Puzzled? Don’t let the name throw you. This is good news and a very, very good thing. See, it’s made up of people who used to work with another wonderful publisher, NIS America.

Acttil’s driving force is three very influencial people from NIS America, as I just mentioned. Hiroko Kanazashi, former Vice President of Production, Nao Miyazawa, former Vice President of Marketing and Jack Niida, a Localization Producer are the ones in charge of it all. Within the coming weeks, months and, god willing, years, they will be releasing video games for consoles, PCs, and other platforms.

Acttil won’t be stopping at games though. This publisher will be covering multiple forms of media. To be specific, eBooks were mentioned. I wouldn’t be surprised if we also see something like web shorts. Some anime series would be even nice as well. But like I said, we’ll have to wait and see what comes.

Now, let’s get to that name. You’re probably wondering, “What’s up with Acttil?” It’s an acronym. It stands for Acceptance + Creativity + Teamwork + Trust + Innovation + Love. That’s a pretty nice sentiment, if you ask me. An Acttil website has opened now as well, if you want more information. Right now, there’s pretty much just a mission statement in English and Japanese there. Still, it’s a nice read. It should give us an idea of what to expect.

Personally, I’m hoping to see Acttil at E3 2013 this year. I’m really interested to learn more about them and what they have planned for us. Personally, I’m hoping for to hear some Vita and 3DS localization announcements!

Site [Acttil]

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