PS3 Legacy Bundle is just “okay”

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ps3 legacy bundleSony’s got a new PlayStation 3 bundle for us and it’s pretty decent. I mean, it’s okay and all. I mean sure, the PS3 Legacy Bundle is a great deal. You’re getting a fantastic starter package to prepare you for life with the system. Still, I look it and I can’t help thinking, “Meh.” Here, let me explain my reasoning to you and you’ll see why. Maybe you’ll even feel the same way!

The PS3 Legacy Bundle is pretty basic. You get a black PS3 slim with a 500GB hard drive. That’s good, practically essential in this gaming “age.” The DualShock 3 controller is packed in, as well as the obligatory 30-day PlayStation Plus membership. It sounds pretty sweet.

I guess it’s the included games that get me. The PS3 Legacy Bundle comes with Gran Turismo 5 and inFamous 2. The Gran Turismo part is awesome, especially since it includes free DLC. However, you already get inFamous 2 free with PlayStation Plus and, in my experience, people who try that service usually decide to stick with it. So it’s almost more like you’re just getting “one” free game.

Still, some people may want it and the PS3 Legacy Bundle is a good deal for $299.99. However, I actually have two other recommendations. One is the God of War Legacy Bundle. It includes a red PS3 slim with 500GB hard drive and pretty much every God of War game, including the latest Ascension. That one’s also $299.99 and you get five games with it. I know it’s still available at Best Buy.

Of course, it may be smarter to just wait. The PS4 will be out for the 2013 holiday season. That means the PS3 prices are going to drop. I bet Sony will have a fantastic bundle for the holidays. Give it a few months and think about your decision.

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