Sony removes PlayStation Mobile licensing fee

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Sony’s initiative to embrace the indie developer community took another step in the right direction today. The publishing fee that was required to develop for the PlayStation Mobile platform is now nixed. Any developer that wants to see their games on PlayStation certified devices such as the Vita and select devices from certain manufactures don’t have anything standing in their way at this point. Sony Computer Entertainment will still determine how much the games will sell for.

Sony has been making strides to make the PlayStation platform more developer friendly. It recently launched an Indie Games category in the PlayStation Store along with special deals for games such as Retro City Rampage, Papo & Yo and Zombie Tycoon 2. When the PlayStation 4 was announced, Sony made sure to mention how much more developer-friendly the console’s architecture is over the PlayStation 3. Unity support was also announced not too long ago.

Although this increased goodwill towards indies is great, Sony really needs to expand device support for PlayStation Mobile. It’s pretty ridiculous that the service is still not supported beyond a handful of Android devices in the United States. Eliminating the publisher license fee is great and all, but developers still have to believe they can actually make money by porting their games to PlayStation Mobile. If the install base isn’t there, there’s no point in developers talking the time to support it.

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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