Club Nintendo offers refund to Super Metroid reward-grabbers

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club nintendo super metroidRemember how Super Metroid was a Club Nintendo reward for April 2013? Every Wii U owners should have jumped on that. It turns out anyone who did ended up with a free game. Yay us!

I found out when I was checking my mail today. Among the backup was the notice I’ve included on the right. Super Metroid is the Wii U Virtual Console special starting May 15, 2013. On that day, the price drops to $0.30 for a brief period. I had decided to grab the game anyway, after hearing rave reviews of the game.

However, Club Nintendo saw that I had a Wii U registered to my account. As a show of goodwill, it then refunded the 150 coins I had spent on Super Metroid. The code I received still worked. (Well, I had already downloaded it to my Wii U, so even if it hadn’t, too bad!) The message closed out saying I should enjoy the game and visit the Club Nintendo site soon.

Of course, I did end up going to Club Nintendo to check, and used my Super Metroid refund to go ahead and grab the 2 sets of Super Mario Shoelaces. Which means I received a 150 coin refund, and then went and got a 300 coin item instead.

Still, kudos to Nintendo for doing the right thing. I bet a lot of people are wishing they had grabbed Super Metroid when it was a reward now, so they could have gotten the game for free!

Site [Club Nintendo]

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