Let’s hope Pokemon Tretta Lab stays in Japan

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pokemon tretta lab 3dsUsually, when you hear about a new Pokemon game, the first question is, “When will North America get it?” With the 3DS version of Pokemon Tretta Lab, you’re probably thinking, “Please tell me Nintendo isn’t considering selling this everywhere.” In Japan, there’s an arcade game called Pokemon Tretta, and Nintendo is hoping it’ll translate well to the 3DS. I look at this and see something we really don’t need.

Pokemon Tretta Lab is slightly related to the arcade game of the same name, but sounds a lot like a glorified Pokedex 3D Pro application. People get a special shell they can place their 3DS XL into that can read the special Tretta tiles from the Pokemon Tretta arcade game. When a tile is placed into a slot, you can see the pokemon’s details ad view it, and check type compatibility with other pokemon. See? Almost like Pokedex 3D Pro.

Also like Pokedex 3D Pro, there isn’t really a “game” element to Pokemon Tretta Lab. See, Pokemon Tretta does have game elements that make it similar to the actual Pokemon games. Players catch pokemon, and receive tiles for catching them, and take part in 3 vs. 3 pokemon battles. The closest Pokemon Tretta Lab comes to being a game is letting people take part in an “Auto-Battle.” Two Tretta tiles are placed in the slots and the application will automatically show which of the two pokemon would win in a fight.

As you can see, Pokemon Tretta Lab is a pretty ridiculous application. I could see Pokemon Tretta fanatics loving and wanting it, but no one else would. Well, unless you collect ridiculous games and peripherals. Collectors who would actually want Pokemon Tretta Lab can’t just buy it. I mean sure, 3,800円 (~$39) isn’t that expensive. But, you have to take regions into account. This is basically a peripheral with a few chips and a download code to grab the game from the Japanese 3DS eShop. If you do actually want one, when it comes out on August 10, 2013, you’ll need a Japanese 3DS to go with it.

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  • 道神恵

    I wish Pokémon Tretta Lab would come to america