Carmageddon is free for Android, but it won’t get updates

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Today is the first and only day you can download Carmageddon from Google Play for free. This version of Carmageddon was made possible by Kickstarter contributions. It’s also the same game that was released for the PC and Mac so long ago. After 24 hours, the free version of Carmageddon will disappear and will be succeeded by a paid version for $1.99.

So why would Stainless Games offer a game for free before taking it away? It’s really the result of Google Play’s policies. Unlike the Apple App Store, Google doesn’t allow developers to charge for an app after it’s been made free. Basically, if it goes free, it stays free. To get around this restriction, Stainless Games created two versions of Carmageddon. The promotional free version also won’t get supported with updates. Why is that? Well it all goes back to Google’s policies once again.

Android apps that are offered through Google Play can only be updated through Google Play. Google won’t have it any other way. Facebook once pushed an update to its app without going through Google. When Google found out, it made sure to make a policy banning that process. The paid version of Carmageddon will get updates.

Carmageddon for Android also doesn’t have an “upload to YouTube option” due to operating system restrictions.

“The option that was left to us was either to add the option BUT limit the OS to around 10% of Android devices, or NOT add the option and reach as many OS devices as was possible,” Stainless Games wrote in a blog post.

This feature may be added to the game later, but no promises have been made. For now, grab the free version while you still can.

Source [Stainless Games]

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