Relive the disturbing nature of Manhunt on May 14

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manhuntRockstar’s most disturbing game is almost ready for a digital release. The original Manhunt will be available from the PlayStation Store on May 14 for $9.99. Manhunt was released in 2003 and is definitely one of the most violent games released in that decade. I’d even argue it’s psychotic nature hasn’t really been topped to this day.

Manhunt is a stealth game about a death row inmate named James Earl Cash who is forced to participate in snuff films by a man who calls himself the “director.” Cash is told to go into different parts of the city where various gangs attempt to find and kill him. Since getting discovered will almost certainly result in death, Cash has to stealthily take out his pursuers in really gruesome ways. He uses plastic bags, baseball bats, broken glass and other regular items to kill people. The longer you wait to execute them, the more violent the execution becomes. Each kill is also shown from the perspective of various cameras set up around the area.

I can tell you this game is really tense. The gangs have no problem with destroying you if step out of the darkness for too long. The PS2 version also had a feature where the director would talk to you in your ear if you had a headset. Just thinking about it kind of freaks me out.

Source [Rockstar Games]

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