Super Sanctum TD looks like the best Sanctum

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super sanctum td
Confession: I acquired the original Sanctum from one of those many indie game bundles. May have been a Humble Bundle. May have been something else. I can’t quite recall. Anyways, I got it and always thought it seemed like an awesome tower defense game. It looked like a great idea. But, I never played it. A part of me always felt it was also too complicated, what with its FPS part. (I’m not good at those.) However, Super Sanctum TD has caught my eye and my heart and I think, with it, Coffee Stain Studios has made a game I will have to play.

See, Super Sanctum TD blends everything that is cool and interesting from both Sanctum and Sanctum 2, those interesting towers and abilities, and places them in a 2D, retro world. It’s a very stylized experiences that captures some of the essence of things that made Super Sanctum TD so awesome, while also saluting that which is old school. I get the feeling it’s designed for people like me, who have been interested in the series, but figured it may be too overwhelming to just jump right into it.

Another fantastic thing about Super Sanctum TD is its price. If you buy it alone off of Steam, it’s only $3.99. That’s a fantastic deal for any tower defense game. Of course, it does get better. If someone pre-orders the $14.99 Sanctum 2, which comes out May 15, 2013, they’ll immediately get Super Sanctum TD for free to play in the meantime. I’d call that convenient.

There’s one other bit of Sanctum news. May 10-12, 2013 is a free Sanctum weekend on Steam, meaning you can play as much of the original game as you want until 1pm PST on Sunday. If you like what you play, then the original game is on sale for $2.49 until May 13, 2013, so you can pick it up for cheap when the free weekend ends.

But really, if you need something to play this weekend, keep Super Sanctum TD in mind. It looks interesting and could be surprisingly awesome. Even if it isn’t, it’s only $4!

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