Wii Street U gets social with Miiverse support

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nintendo downloads wii street uWii Street U is a Google-powered application for the Wii U that lets you tour many areas around the globe with your Wii U Gamepad and television. When it was released, the locations you visited could only be experienced with those in the same room with you. Now that Wii Street U has been updated, the entire Miiverse community can share their favorite locations with each other.

Taking screenshots and posting them to Miiverse is present in many Wii U titles. However with Wii Street U, images you take can’t be viewed from within the Miiverse application. They can only be seen through Wii Street U. There is a Miiverse icon within Wii Street U that lets you see the latest community posts. The Wii U Gamepad shows a thumbnail of the shared image along with any comments the original poster made. The television shows a map of where that particular image came from. If you want, you can immediately visit the location and tour it for yourself. Images can also be tagged with a handful of buzz words such as “beautiful,” “scary” and “fun.”

The update also lets you register your favorite places so you can get back to them easier.

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