Chevy promoting the Traverse with Tetris

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I just saw a really cool commercial on TV that combined two pretty unexpected things, the 2013 Chevrolet Traverse and Tetris. I know, that sounds like a very weird combination. Trust me, it works. I’m not sure it’ll sell cars, but it’s really quite clever.

But it doesn’t help if I just go on about the Chevy Traverse Tetris commercial without showing it off. So here it is. Put aside 30 seconds to watch a pretty neat ad. Make sure the sound is up as well, as Chevrolet made sure to include the iconic, Tetris theme song.

Now that song will be in your head all night. Don’t fight it. Accept it.

The Tetris Traverse commercial tries to put a clever spin on showing the car’s cargo space by representing all the possible items that need to fit in it as brightly colored tetriminos. They fall from the sky to the people packing it, just as they do in a standard Tetris game. Which then leaves the people to try and fit everything in before the other does. The general message is, the Traverse can fit more into it in an efficient manner.

What shocks me most is that this cool ad has been around since March 14, 2013, yet I’m only just starting to see it on TV now. That’s a shame. It’s quite clever! Chevrolet should have been doing more to show it off. I mean, it isn’t Kia-clever, but I would have liked to have seen it show up with a bit more frequency.

The only thing that would have made this Chevy Traverse ad campaign better is if they would have taken it a step further with a flash game. Perhaps had a Tetris clone on the Traverse website that would let people pack the trunk of the car with every day items shaped like tetriminos. That would have been awesome.

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