Dust 514 officially launches tomorrow

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dust 514
Dust 514 is kicking things off tomorrow. The open beta that began earlier this year is coming to an end. Once the game really begins on May 14, 2013, we’ll hopefully see a popularity explosion. After all, EVE Online is huge, and Dust 514 directly ties into it. We’re bound to see people trying to influence one game by playing the other.

Yes, in case you’ve forgotten, Dust 514 and EVE Online are directly linked. In Dust 514, players are mercenaries fighting in battles on planets in EVE Online. Their successes and failures determine who owns certain planets. Which means your merenary can join an alliance or corporation, talk with other members who are playing EVE Online, then deploy to a planet your faction wants to take or defend in the hopes your presence will make a difference. Or, you can call upon other members of your group before a battle, say where you’re going and hope their ship will take up a spot in the planet’s orbit to provide air support and attack the enemy from space.

To be honest, it sounds really cool! It’s a new form of cross-play that hopefully pans out for Dust 514 and EVE Online. We won’t know if Planetary Conquest will work as planned until after tomorrow. It hasn’t appeared in the game until now. Not to mention the bonuses for ownership of districts in Dust 514 won’t start showing up until May 16, 2013.

As for data, your open beta character and username should be preserved and waiting for you tomorrow. If you want more detailed information about how the first battles should work, CCP has provided it. I hope you’re able to make more sense of it than I did.

If you haven’t participated in the Dust 514 beta and want to play, go ahead and start tomorrow. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases, so you should be able to at least figure things out and determine if you like it or not for a few days, maybe even weeks, before you would feel like you’d have to actually buy something.

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