Twitch hits the reset button on its iOS app

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twitch logoTwitch pushed out version 2.3.3 of its iOS application today. Most of the time updates are all about adding features, but things didn’t quite work that way with the Twitch app. The development team decided to start over when it comes to offering certain features in order to improve the overall quality of the app. Therefore there’s no longer an search option and only the top 300 channels can be viewed from the app.

“This is not intended to be a slight on smaller channels, which we feel are the lifeblood of the community,” Twitch wrote in a blog post. “This is a necessary step in shoring up the QoS of the app with the eventual goal of making every stream available.”

Finding channels will need to be done through the “channels” option within the app. You can still watch channels that aren’t in the top 300 in the app if you follow the streamer and are signed in to the app.

The other big change is the introduction of the “play games” section that houses Kabam games. Clicking on a game will open the App Store download page. It’s basically an ad that doesn’t look like an ad.

Source [Twitch Blog]

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  • Twitch user

    Fucking shitty. I’m not upgrading past 2.3.2. It doesn’t crash on either ipad or iPhone ever and I don’t want this new shitty ad with only top 300 channels

  • twitch sucks the big D

    The twitch app is now worse than ever before! Even if you follow someone, you’ll be lucky if it actually shows up in the “following” tab. Plenty of “small” streamers don’t show up in my following tab even though I am following them. Twitch, gtfo.