Reviews for Android games are more important than ever

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google-play Google has been working to make Google Play reviews more transparent for customers and developers. Back in November 2012, Google started placing Google+ names (often real names) in user reviews. Google also allowed certain developers publicly respond to Google Play reviews. Today, all developers can respond to reviews.

This move could result in more constructive criticism of Android games that developers can use to create better experiences. For example, if a reviewer complains about frequent crashes, the developer can get more information about the problem and create a fix. Chances are more people were having that problem anyway and chose to not say anything about it.

The reviews section can also be used as a forum for developer’s to get feedback or ideas for additional features. Google Play is the perfect location for this kind of thing because all users have to visit the page at least once to get the app.

No matter what business you’re in, customer service is key. Developers have to be careful to always remain professional. The moment a developer starts fighting reviewers is the moment their reputation gets seriously damaged. You’d be surprised how much a customer is willing to put up with if the developer has a caring attitude. With Google’s big gaming push gradually becoming a reality, a good relationship with players is more important than ever.

Source [Android Developers Blog]

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