EA talks special moves for Madden NFL 25 defenders

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Madden 25 coverIn previous Madden NFL 25 videos, EA Sports showed new special moves allowing offensive players to Run Free. Players were understandably worried that this year’s game might favor the offense, since “Run Free” is a large part of the ad campaign.

EA Sports wants us to know there will be plenty of options for defenders. They brought San Francisco 49’ers star linebacker NaVorro Bowman into the studio to talk defense. He doesn’t like when opposing players run free. The Hit Stick, for example, is still a thing in this game. Runners tackled with the Hit Stick while doing a special move are more likely to cough up the ball. Corners and safeties using the stick stand a greater chance of separating wide receivers from the football.

Bowman explained for the game’s elite defenders, it’s all about angles. If you take the right trajectory, you’ll bring the runner down before he has a chance to make you look silly in the open field. A new feature called heat seeker tackling will help you line up. Anytime you hold the Hit Stick, defensive assist or wrap tackle buttons, heat seeker will help you square up. This also helps prevent overshooting the target and watching the runner blow past you. Defenders with lower awareness and agility will get faked out more easily, even with heat seeker enabled. Don’t worry Madden purists, you can disable the feature in both online and offline play.

The play’s not over just because Adrian Peterson made an ESPN highlight reel out of you. A new defensive recovery mechanic allows defenders to make precision cuts and use acceleration to give chase. The faster and more agile the defender, the better he will be at defensive recovery. Sometimes, you have to give a last ditch effort. Dive tackles now have more momentum, and lunge tackles give you a path past lead blockers.

It’s a chess match with heavily equipped 300 lb. pieces. We’ll see which side of the ball displays true power August 27 when Madden NFL 25 for Xbox 360 and PS3. I’m betting we see it later this year on the new Xbox and PlayStation 4.

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