Google Play games services introduces achievements, multiplayer and leaderboards

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Google Play Games Services

Google officially announced and launched Google Play games services today at Google I/O. Google Play games services isn’t a standalone application that houses all your gaming achievements and friends like Apple’s Game Center. It’s really just a family of APIs developers can integrate into their games. These APIs will brings things such as cloud saves, achievements and leaderboards into games that are shared across Android, iOS and the web. Online multiplayer however is limited to Android at the moment.

It’s not easy to find games that currently support Google Play games services. It doesn’t have a dedicated section within Google Play, and I haven’t been able to find a list on Google’s official websites. However, I have been able to confirm that Eufloria HD, Super Stickman Golf 2, Beach Buggy Blitz, Riptide GP, Shine Runner and Eternity Warriors 2 all support most of the features at this time.

Activating these new features is as easy as signing in to your Google account. It leverages Google+ to help you find your friends and other potential players within the community. You can choose to share the achievements you unlock with your Google+ circles, but it’s not required.

We’ll be sure to provide some updates when we find out which other games support Google Play games services.

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