10 Wii U games we want to see at E3 2013

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wii u e3 2013 yarn yoshi
Nintendo fans the world over have had much cause for concern over the last six months. After an underwhelming Wii U launch and month after month of poor Wii U sales, many have started to question the strength of Nintendo’s grip on the home console market. But the lack of first and third party games for the Wii U has given little reason for consumers to buy a Wii U in the first place. Enter E3 2013.

This year’s E3 is a golden opportunity for Nintendo to turn the situation around and convince its fanbase to pick up a Wii U with the promise of amazing new games. I know I’m excited. I’ll show you why as we look at 10 Wii U games I want to see at E3 2013.

Yarn Yoshi

What is it? Yarn Yoshi is the follow up to Kirby’s Epic Yarn and will feature the same easy-going, side scrolling gameplay that made Kirby’s Epic Yarn so fun and accessible. Like Kirby, Yoshi finds himself a peaceful land of fabric where everyone, including himself, is made of yarn.
Why should it be there? Because it’s cute! And besides, Yoshi hasn’t had his own game on a Nintendo console since 1998’s Yoshi’s Story for the N64.
Odds of it showing up at E3? Pretty high. Nintendo officially announced Yarn Yoshi back in January of this year when it released still images and some gameplay footage. A playable version at E3 2013 is more than likely.

Bayonetta 2

What is it? Bayonetta 2 will see the return of Platinum Games’ sexy, angel slaying witch in what will likely be the Wii U’s most zany action game to date.
Why should it be there? It’s only the sequel to the most intense, ridiculous and absolutely fabulous action game of recent years. More high-heel guns, more grotesque angels and more blush-inducing poses. I can’t wait!
Odds of it showing up at E3? We know Bayonetta 2 exists, and we also know that Platinum Games is busy working on it, but seeing as Nintendo isn’t in direct control of development it’s difficult to predict whether or not our favourite witch will show her face.

Metroid U

What is it? Most Metroid fans are willing to completely disregard the brilliance of both 2D Metroid games and the Metroid Prime series so long as they can continue to moan about the “atrocious” Metroid Other M. What’s that? Retro Studios isn’t doing anything right now?
Why should it be there? Retro Studios + Metroid + Wii U = Happy Metroid fans!
Odds of it showing up at E3? Not bloody likely.

Game & Wario

What is it? Game & Wario is a party game with 16 individual minigames that are all played with a single Wii U GamePad.
Why should it be there? Even though it’ll be released soon after E3, Nintendo desperately need to highlight its own Wii U party games before the inevitable wave of third party rubbish arrives. It also has Wario in it and everyone knows how cool Wario is.
Odds of it showing up at E3? Game & Wario is already out in Japan and will be out in the US and Europe a few weeks after E3 2013. Nintendo might not make a big deal out of it, but a playable version will probably be there.

wii u e3 2013 pokemon rumble u

Pokemon Rumble U

What is it? Pokemon Rumble U is a downloadable game that will (finally) utilise the Wii U GamePad’s NFC chip. Pokemon figurines can be purchased separately and then “scanned” into the game for Pokemon battle fun!
Why should it be there? Nintendo will be taking on the insanely popular Skylanders and Disney Infinity with Pokemon Rumble U, and we want to be at E3 to see it happen. Let the battle of the plastic gaming peripherals commence!
Odds of it showing up at E3? Pokemon Rumble U is already available on the Japanese Wii U eShop so the chances of at least seeing a partly localised version at E3 2013 are very high.

Pikmin 3

What is it? Pikmin 3 is the next chapter in Nintendo’s cheerful strategy game that involves ordering around groups of colourful flower-people in order to solve puzzles and defeat bizarre little monsters.
Why should it be there? It was thought that Pikmin 3 would be a Wii U launch title, but after pushing the release date to August of this year Nintendo better have something to show for it, Pikmin 3 better had be at E3 or else!
Odds of it showing up at E3? Pikmin 3 development is probably (hopefully!) close to completion, so a playable demo at E3 is very probable.

Super Smash Bros. U

What is it? Super Smash Bros. U will be a Nintendo crossover free-for-all like no other. From what has been hinted at so far, this new game will have a stronger focus on fighter customisation and connectivity to other players.
Why should it be there? It may be difficult for Nintendo to compete with Microsoft’s and Sony’s big E3 conferences, but some solid Super Smash Bros. Wii U footage will definitely give them a fighting chance.
Odds of it showing up at E3? With no official title, no screen shots and no other substantial information, the chances of Super Smash Bros. U showing up at E3 depend on how surprising Nintendo want to be this year. Personally, I think we’ll at least see or hear something about it at E3 2013.

3D Super Mario

What is it? No modern Nintendo console library would be complete without a stellar three-dimensional Super Mario game and the Wii U should be no different. There’s no guessing as to what kind of 3D platformer the new Super Mario game will be. All I know is that I want to see it!
Why should it be there? Opinions towards New Super Mario Bros U dependence on NES-era gameplay has been mixed. E3 is the perfect opportunity for Nintendo to unleash a creative new Super Mario game and show the world that there’s still life in the tubby plumber.
Odds of it showing up at E3? Out of all the games in this article, the chance of a 3D Super Mario game being announced is pretty slim. Nintendo has been beavering away at so many titles lately that even if they have something to show, it won’t be much.

wii u e3 2013 zelda wind waker hd

F-Zero U

What is it? Imagine 30 futuristic racing crafts blasting through loops and over jumps at 1,000 kph in full HD and with each craft being piloted by a different Wii U user via online multiplayer. Yes please!
Why should it be there? I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it!
Odds of it showing up at E3? Well… Slim to none. Although F-Zero has an avid fanbase, it’s not one of Nintendo’s top IPs its current focus lies elsewhere. Please prove me wrong Nintendo!

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

What is it? What started out as Nintendo’s exploration of different Zelda styles on the Wii U has now turned into a full HD remake Link’s most visually distinct incarnation to date. According to Nintendo, Wind Waker HD will also include lots of new content not found on the original GameCube classic.
Why should it be there? Series producer Eiji Aonuma has already stated that it’ll be a while before Nintendo have anything to show of the all-new Zelda Wii U title in development. Nintendo can keep the ravenous Zelda fans at bay for at least a while with some juicy Winder Waker HD gameplay footage.
Odds of it showing up at E3? Extremely likely. Nintendo knows that Zelda games sell consoles, and increased Wii U sales is the name of the game this E3.

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  • Kirk Hiner

    Some progress on Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem would be appreciated, too.

  • Michael Westgarth

    The games you’re looking for would be Pokemon X & Y. As for Pokemon Rumble U, it’s not so much a “side-quest game” as it is an extremely tame alternate reality game. An alternate reality game that involves buying Pokemon figures from super markets.

    Thanks for the comment.