Grip Games shows off first screens for Atomic Ninjas

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atomic ninjasThere are plenty of radioactive versions of things, but I’ll bet there haven’t been ninjas, that aren’t also talking turtles. Playstation 3 and PS Vita owners are about to find out.

Grip Games, the minds behind such titles as 5-in-1 Arcade Hits, The Impossible Game and Foosball 2012 are bringing forth another intrguing game to the Playstation 3 and the PS Vita later this year. And they just released some beautiful screens over on Sony’s Playstation Blog.

Titled Atomic Ninjas (two great things in one), the game is a 2.5D multiplayer platformer featuring the aformentioned radioactive warriors. These first screenshots show off what looks to be a fairly frantic game. The game is loaded with color and blocky characters. That same shape is applied to each of the seven arenas you’ll be playing things out in.

These purely online matches feature some basic platforming and shooting mechanics, but defeating your opponent can’t be accomplished by attacking them directly. Players will need to find more indirect methods in taking out your enemies using objects and obstacles in taking out your enemies. Lasers, lava pits and falling crates can all be used to deal with your enemies . Players can get creative with options like these, creating combonations of traps and environmental hazards. Each ninja has his or her own superpowers such as invisibility and flying to further decimate your enemies.

The usual game modes of deathmatch and capture the flag will be available along with some unique modes, one called Treasure Hunter. Split-screen will be avaible, along with single player, bot matches for those night when your friends aren’t around. You’ll also be able to play against your friends between the PS3 and PS Vita.

Atomic Ninjas is expected to be released during the summer this year, so shapren your mad ninja skills and get ready to find every brutal possibility to destroying your enemies. Check out more screens here.

Source [Playstation Blog]


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