The Sony PS4 console will be shown at E3

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ps4 teaser e3
The actual PS4 console will be shown during Sony’s E3 2013 conference on June 10th. How do we know this? Well, Sony have released a short trailer that tantalisingly shows off small parts of the next generation console including vents, ports, some plastic corners and what looks to be an eject button. Exciting!

I am of course being sarcastic. It’s my personal opinion that the hardware developers over at Sony have their heads wedged so very firmly between their own butt-cheeks that their view of the PS4 is exactly the same as that seen in the trailer. A blurry, ill-defined black box that will win the next console war “just cuz”.

Sony originally announced the PS4 at their 2013 PlayStation event. While the announcement was nonetheless exciting, many were puzzled as to why Sony chose to show off the PS4 controller and not the console itself. It’s perfectly acceptable that a fully working PS4 might not have been available at the time, but a few glimpses of a concept model would have gone a long way. But these are also my opinions with many others, including GamerTell Editor Jeremy Hill, accepting that a full display of the console may not have been plausible or practical.

As it stands, it’s difficult to share Sony’s vision of the PS4 when we’ve so few details to go with. We know it’s not backwards compatible, we know it’ll ship with a headset and we know that it’ll be able to render photorealistic 3D images of old man faces, but most of us can’t get excited without knowing what this new addition to our living room will actually look like.

How big is it going to be? How noisy? What colours aside from blurry-black will it come in? How many different wires do I need to hook it up to the television? These questions say absolutely nothing about the PS4’s technical capabilities, but they’re questions that the paying customers will want answers to. Hopefully these answers and more will be divulged in full come E3 2013.

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