10 exclusives we hope reappear on the Xbox One (update)

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The Xbox One conference is fast approaching. In a few hours, at 10am PST/12pm CST/1pm EST, we have the option of spending an hour hearing about Microsoft’s newest console. Which, based on early indications from Microsoft, is all we’ll be hearing and seeing. The company has already said this presentation will be all about the console. The only game we’ll see is Call of Duty: Ghosts, and we’ll have to wait until E3 2013 to see more.

I have to say, that disappoints me. As nice as technical specs and features are, I’m the kind of gamer who buys consoles and handhelds based upon the games they’ll have. I’m more interested in the Xbox One exclusives than in discovering if the rumor it can be used as a cable box is true.

So, instead of last minute speculation about the console, I decided to list 10 Xbox or Xbox 360 games I’d like to see come back as Xbox One exclusives.

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Let’s not forget the most obvious series. The Xbox One needs Fable IV. This time though, Microsoft should kick it up and make it exclusive to the console. That would definitely convince people to buy the system.


From one “given” to another. We’re right in the midst of the new Halo Reclaimer trilogy, thanks to Halo 4, and Microsoft and 343 Industries better be ready, willing and able to finish this part of the story within the Xbox One’s lifetime.

Jade Empire
I know I’m not alone in wanted more of this game. Jade Empire is one of old-BioWare’s masterpieces and a Xbox One exclusive sequel could win a lot of people over to Microsoft’s console.

Jet Set Radio

Jet Set Radio Future was an original Xbox exclusive, so why not make the next installment a Xbox One exclusive. Sega tied Sonic to the Wii U for a few games, so why not give another console an exclusive? Jet Set Radio has recently had the opportunity to win some new fans, thanks to the rerelease on the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Vita.

Kameo: Elements of Power

Let’s give Rare a chance to shine again. A Kameo sequel was planned and cancelled, so let’s get the team back together and make Kameo 2 happen. The first game was fun to play, and a sequel could improve upon it by providing a longer and more challenging adventure.


It’s true that North America only received Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors for the original Xbox, but given FromSoftware’s recent notoriety, I think it’s a good time for a third installment. The previous two games followed the legendary undead warrior, Raikoh, and his four generals, as he defended Japan from demons. The premise is interesting and could make for a good Xbox One hack-and-slash.


The Xbox 360 was a haven for shooters, so let’s continue that trend with the Xbox One. Let’s see a third Otomedius game on the console. Bullet hells never get old and, for people who do care about the story, I’m sure there’s more to tell.

Ninety-Nine Nights

I know Ninety-Nine Nights has a checkered past, and Ninety-Nine Nights II qualified as bad at times, but I really loved the first game, what with its RPG elements and crazy difficult boss fights. I think the series deserves one more chance, and maybe on the Xbox One it could get things right.

The Settlers of Catan

Call me crazy for including a video game interpretation of a board game, but I think having Catan as a Xbox One exclusive could be a big deal. The board game is more popular than ever, the Xbox Live Arcade of Catan ws well received and Microsoft wants to make this system the focal point of the living room. So, get Settlers of Catan on here, have other variations of the game, like Star Trek Catan and Catan Junior, made available as DLC and you’re set.

ToeJam & Earl

Speaking of classic Sega series, I’m sure a lot of us would like to see ToeJam & Earl again. Their last adventure was the Xbox exclusive ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth. A fourth installment starring ToeJam, Earl and Latisha could be just what the Xbox One needs. Kids would want it because it looks weird and funny and adults would want it because they remember how great the other games were.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated to insert the next Xbox’s official name, Xbox One, in place of the “next Xbox” place-holders.

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  • JoeCam

    “It’s true that North America only received Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors for the original Xbox”

    What? We got the first Otogi here too.