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xbox one

Microsoft revealed the next Xbox at an event from its campus in Redmond, Washington today. Simply called the Xbox One, Microsoft is expecting the console to be an “all in one” system that’s “simple, instant and complete.” The Xbox One also comes with a new version of Kinect. By saying “Xbox On,” the console activates and takes you to your personal homescreen. Xbox One remembers what you did last when you turn it back on.

xbox one dashboard

By saying “Xbox Watch TV,” you can instantly begin watching live television. You can also give it commands to quickly switch between games, the web browser, live television, movies and music. You can make your way back to the homescreen by making a grabbing gesture with your hand and moving them towards each other. This gesture also works the other way around.

Much like Windows 8, you can snap to different applications on Xbox One. Snapping brings up an application in a panel on the side of the television while the previous application remains playing on the other 75% of the screen.

xbox snap

Microsoft is emphasizing the live television features of Xbox One. You can tell Xbox One to open a video guide and navigate to specific channels.

Xbox One will be released this year. A price has not been disclosed.

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