Durango Unchained: The games we’re ready to play on the Xbox One

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The era of the Xbox One is almost here. For gamers, a new console is like an early Christmas morning. Unless you are getting yours as a Christmas present, then it’s like an actual Christmas morning. Forgive GamerTell, we are understandably giddy right now. We love talking about playing games as much as we do playing them. In a new console year, the eyes of the world are on our beloved hobby. Here are some games we can’t wait to get on the Xbox One:


The minds behind Halo are at work on a massively multiplayer shooter. This one takes place in a futuristic version of our own solar system. Bungie has promised us a world full of spider pirates and planet-crushing war beasts. I can’t wait to spend time there. The developer’s last franchise revolutionized shooters and set the Xbox on a now historic path. If anyone can come up with a proper encore, it is Bungie.

Forza Motorsport 5

This was the first game we saw on the demo stage, which should tell you a bit about how important it is. Few things show off the power of new hardware as well as racing games. From the glint of the chrome to the roar of the engines, they look pretty even if you are as terrible at racers as me. Turn 10 Studios has made this series one of the best racers in the business. It gets GamerTell’s motor running for sure.

EA Sports UFC

Franchises such as Saints Row and WWE inspired bidding wars at the THQ fire sale. EA, being the shrewd business it is, got the valuable UFC license the second it was apparent THQ had to unload it.  EA Sports UFC was one of the games demoed during EA’s teamup with Microsoft announcement. EA’s Fight Night Round 3 and its beautiful depiction of the sweet science was one of the reasons I bought a Xbox 360. There may be no better usage of the new Ignite engine than watching Jon Jones cave some poor schlub’s face in.

Halo 5

There has been no official confirmation of this game’s existence, but does anyone think it’s not happening? Halo 4 started a whole new trilogy. Master Chief is one of the main reasons the original Xbox sold enough copies to get us here. He’ll be ready to save solar systems and sell consoles soon, we’re sure of it.

Quantum Break

Is it wrong to want a game when I don’t even know what genre it’s going to be? Probably not when it’s from Remedy Games. The studio that brought us Alan Wake and the original Max Payne teased a project it says aims to blend TV and gaming. This could devolve into Night Trap territory, but I’m thinking Remedy will not let that happen.


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