Xbox One can’t control your DVR

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Microsoft Xbox One

Xbox One wants to replace your cable/satellite box, but it can’t. The cable company is too entrenched in homes and it won’t leave without a grueling fight. Since Microsoft can’t completely replace the cable box, it has to work with it. Xbox One can connect to cable boxes and take over the majority of its features. You can control live television from Xbox One and display custom interfaces around the information the cable box provides, but you’re still going to have to cut Xbox One out of the equation every once in a while. According to All Things D, on-demand content and DVR functionality cannot be controlled by Xbox One. For now, these features can only be accessed directly from the cable box.

This sort of puts a damper on Microsoft’s vision. It wants Xbox One to be only living room device you’ll ever need. It’s convenient to have control over your movies, games and television from one device. The need to switch inputs in order to watch recorded or on-demand shows goes against that vision. This takes attention away from Xbox One and makes it look like an inconvenience. Accessing features of the cable box that are off limits will require two steps instead of one when Xbox One is involved.


Source [All Things D]

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