E3 2013: Square Enix Presents everything you’ll need to know

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I told you this was the week E3 2013 news was really going to start hitting the internet. Well, the E3 2013 news we can actually talk about and aren’t forbidden from discussing due to embargos. Square Enix is one of the first to come forward to announce its Square Enix presents series. Usually, companies like to have websites and such set up, so the masses who can’t attend E3 can still get all the latest news and feel like they’re actually there. You know, it’s a way to make people feel special, while also hyping up things companies want them to buy.

This year, Square Enix is hoping to get your wallet hands itchy with a series of videos called Square Enix Presents. These will be presented throughout E3 2013, with new installments appearing June 11-13, 2013. You’ll get to hear information abo0ut the games, see videos and basically learn lots of awesome details about Final Fantasy and other series.

These Square Enix Presents videos will primarily be available via the Square Enix Presents YouTube channel. They’ll be easy to find, as they’ll have “Square Enix Presents” right there in the title. In fact, a first video has been uploaded today. It isn’t anything super awesome though. It’s just a 47 second introduction to the series.

Still, if you want to watch it, here it is.

That was thrilling. Of course, what can you expect. E3 2013 hasn’t begun. I say, bookmark it just in case. You could catch an interesting developer interview or announcement if you do decide to watch!

It’s probably a longshot, but I’m really, genuinely hoping for Final Fantasy XIII Versus. It could be our year! Of course, Final Fantasy Type-0 could have a better chance of appearing at E3 2013 at this point than that. It doesn’t hurt to keep the faith, though!

Site [Square Enix Presents]

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