E3 2013: Nintendo’s next Nintendo Direct is June 11, 2013

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Okay, so Nintendo said that it wasn’t going to do an E3 2013 press conference, which was a good idea.. The company said it was going to focus on more Nintendo Direct presentations, in which it would make all it’s major announcements in clusters and wouldn’t restrict them to E3. Smart. Except now, Nintendo has announced the date of its next Nintendo Direct. Guess when it is? Yes, it’s happening at E3 2013.

The next Nintendo Direct will be held June 11, 2013. That’s the Tuesday on which E3 2013 begins. At 7am PST, a brief Wii U game conference will be held online at the usual spot. You know, the Nintendo Direct website. I’m guessing this is why the May 17, 2013 Nintendo Direct sucked.. (Oh, don’t give me that look. You all know it did.)

This is a pretty stupid move, if you ask me. At least, from a PR standpoint. First, look at when it is happening. People will either just be getting up or on their way to work. Or, if you’re a video game journalist, you’ll probably be on your way to the LA Convention Center for E3 2013 fun. (I mean work.) Which means no one will really be around to watch the presentation when it is first broadcast. Second, it’s still technically an E3 press conference, only it isn’t being held in front of the press. It’s happening online. Third, it’ll be a moot presentation by the end of the day, as hands-on previews and reports from journalists attending E3 2013 begin to appear online.

I guess I’m just disappointed. I don’t think the idea of a Nintendo Direct happening around E3 2013 is bad, but I just think it would have been much smarter had Nintendo been a bit better with scheduling. Perhaps held it on Friday, June 7, 2013. That way, hype would have built over the weekend and people would have been eager to see all the games Nintendo discussed when the event begins.

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