Sony and LEGO want the next generation of gamers

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Sony Lego

As the youth of today get more and more immersed in digital content, toy companies like LEGO run the risk of losing them as customers. In an effort to integrate traditional LEGO construction sets with video games, Sony and LEGO decided to work together to make them one in the same.

A Sony research lab in Tokyo is experimenting with putting cameras and motors into LEGO bricks. A video provided by IDG shows a small LEGO figure being controlled with a DualShock 3 controller. One concept game involves the player using the DualShock 3 to move a motorized platform away from a pursing platform. Think of it as a game of tag between man and machine.

The electronics-enhanced toys also be expanded using traditional LEGO bricks. A simple mobile platform has the potential to become a very complicated mobile structure in the hands of a creative builder.

At this point, the companies aren’t working on a specific product that’s suitable for consumers. It’s all very experimental at this point. With Activision currently dominating the toy/games hybrid market, it’s odd a company like LEGO has yet to jump in. LEGO has a following of both children and adults who would be very interested in utilizing bricks and minifigures in games.

Source [TechHive]

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