Kick off the long weekend with free Reprisal

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Have any plans for the long, Memorial Day weekend? Perhaps you should go and enjoy a free, indie game. A game, say, like Reprisal. See, right now Electrolyte and Last17’s Reprisal, a Populous-style, civilization simulation, is a Steam Greenlight candidate. It hasn’t gotten the go-ahead to get onto Steam yet, but the developers think giving the full, current version of the game away for 24 hours is a good way to drum up interest.

Here’s how the free Reprisal promotion works. It is only free on May 24, 2013. You have to go to a certain page on the Reprisal Universe Website. Once there, you enter your email address, choose which version of the game you’d like – Windows, Mac, Linux or all three, and then click the download button. The download will then immediately begin. Once it’s finished, you’ll have your free game. Don’t worry about the providing of your email – that’s just being done to limit the distribution to one copy per email account.

From there, the developers hope people will play, enjoy and then vote for Reprisal on Steam Greenlight. I mean, what better way to determine if a game belongs on Steam, than to actually play the current full game before placing a simple yes, ask me later or no thank you vote? There is none.

So far, the free Reprisal promotion seems pretty popular. I mean, it’s only an indie game, and when I checked the official page at 5:30pm, it had been downloaded 6,028 times. I’d say that’s a pretty promising number. If everyone who downloaded it also votes, I’m sure it’ll help make a difference!

Okay, that’s it for now. Enjoy your new copy of Reprisal, which you hopefully now have, and use it to kick back this weekend. Oh, but also try and spend some time outside too. It’ll be too nice a weekend to spend the entire time, indoors, playing a new, free game!

Site [Reprisal] Site [Steam Greenlight: Reprisal]

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