3D Space Harrier coming to EU Nintendo eShop

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3d space harrier europe 3ds

3D Space Harrier and Sega’s other Nintendo 3DS upgrades will be coming to the European eShop in the near future, according to a member of staff at MCM London’s Nintendo Unleashed exhibition.

3D Space Harrier has been a Japanese eShop exclusive since it came out in December of last year, with neither Sega nor Nintendo making any obvious plans to bring it to Western territories. Seeing it listed as a playable title at the London based expo was more than surprising. Even more surprising was the fact that the game was indeed available in a fully localised that, according to Nintendo Unleashed staff, is the version that will appear on the EU eShop soon.

Unfortunately there was no official Nintendo representative present during my time at the event, however the “assistant” I spoke to openly admitted that Nintendo gave him and his co-workers only the very basic information about each game on display. All they were told about 3D Space Harrier, aside from the obvious background information, is that it and “other 3D Sega titles” were coming to the EU eShop soon.

3d space harrier europe 3dsWhile it’s great to see Sega offering European 3DS owners the chance to (once again) relive these arcade and console classics, a question still hangs over the North American eShop. When asked about an American release the same Nintendo Unleashed assistant told me that it’s “likely” but that he simply wasn’t told enough by Nintendo to confirm it.

As of now the Japanese eShop is home to 3D Space Harrier, 3D Super Hang-On, 3D Sonic the Hedgehog and 3D Altered Beast with no word on further 3D titles in the works. Europeans and, by extension, Australians look like they’ll be getting their hands on Sega’s 3D titles soon, but do you think it’s likely we’ll see them heading over to North America? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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