Curiosity’s grand prize makes one player a God

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22Cans’ grand experiment has come to a close. Today, the last cublet of the Curiosity cube had been smashed. The winner was revealed to be Bryan Henderson who resides in the United Kingdom. Henderson had the choice to either keep Curiosity‘s secret to himself or share it with the world. Henderson choice the latter, and we were given a link to a video that explains what the prize is.

In the video, Peter Molyneux revealed the life changing reward is to become the God in 22Cans’ upcoming game Godus. Curiosity‘s winner will be able to dictate how the game will be played. He will choose the rules and receive a portion of money Godus ultimately earns.

Godus successfully raised £526,563 on Kickstarter on December 21. We don’t know when Godus will be released, but it will be published by DeNA and released through its Mobage platform. Although nothing has been confirmed, it’s very likely Godus will feature its fair share of in-game transactions.

If you’re still feeling curious, check out the big reveal video below.

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