Double Fine takes to Kickstarter to fund Massive Chalice

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massive chalice

Double Fine is largely responsible for the constant barrage of gaming-related Kickstarter campaigns ever since it raised over $3 million for Double Fine Adventure (currently known as Broken Age). The developer is hoping lightning strikes twice as it approaches Kickstarter once again for help funding its newest game called Massive Chalice. Double Fine is seeking $725,000 to fund development on this game within the next 28 days. As of the time of this writing, it’s gotten $175, 651 in pledges.

Massive Chalice is a tactical strategy game that may be released for Windows, Mac and Linux in September 2014.  The game is being led by Brad Muir who also created Iron Brigade (first known as Trenched). The game will be powered by the same Buddha Engine that was created for Brutal Legend.

The premise of the game has plenty of people excited. Massive Chalice may be a strategy game, but it has roguelike elements as well. You play as an immortal king or queen that oversees the well being of your kingdom. Your heroes however, can and will eventually die of old age. As the game goes on, you have to decide if you want your heroes to have children that will carry on their legacy or not. If they do have offspring, they’ll be able to equip a relic that will grant them their parent’s abilities. The bloodlines you encounter will be different every time you play.

A pledge of $20 or more is all that’s need to ensure a copy of Massive Chalice if it reaches its goal. It’ll be distributed on Steam with no DRM.

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