State of Decay update will fix infestation bug, may be released next week

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State of Decay

As much as I enjoy State of Decay, the infestation bug has taken away my enthusiasm to play the game. This bug causes the game to penalize you for infestations that aren’t located anywhere near your camp. It also causes members of your community to wander off and possibly die if they aren’t constantly rescued. Undead Labs has already submitted an update to Microsoft that fixes this and other issues as well. It’s expected to be released sometime next week.

After the update is applied, infestations in State of Decay will only impact you if they’re within 500m of your home. That means no more wandering off into the forest trying to track down pockets of hording zombies. Once you have under three infestations within 500m of your home, the quest will be cleared from your to-do list.

I’m going to wait until the patch comes out before I play State of Decay again. I’ve already lost Maya to the infestation bug. It also claimed another one of my survivors overnight when the game was turned off. I’m going to start the whole thing over because I don’t like my efforts being undermined by a bug.

Here is the full changelog. Yay for being able to punch out windshields!

  • NEW: Playable characters can no longer be killed by the simulation
  • Workshop now repairs weapons and vehicles at game dawn rather than the next real-world day.
  • Reduced cooldown times of commands in the Radio Menu, notably Words of Encouragement, Words of Inspiration, and Medical Advice.
  • NPCs no longer get stuck behind the counter or on the stairs at the gun shop in Spencer’s Mill.
  • The “Too many infestations!” event will now only occur when there are too many infestations within 500m of your Home, rather than anywhere in the world.
  • The “Too many infestations” to-do item is now cleared when there are fewer than three infestations within 500m of your Home, rather than anywhere in the world.
  • You must now be close to the ranger station for the Memento mission scene to play. Previously you would be teleported to the station if you left before the end of the mission.
  • Community members will properly interact with Facilities in your home. Previously they would stop after a period of time.
  • Feral zombie now properly dodges vehicles approaching at an angle.
  • NPCs will now reliably reach warehouse between Mt. Tanner and Spencer’s Mill when called to gather supplies.
  • You can now punch out through the windshield of a vehicle if both doors are blocked.
  • Zombies and NPCs no longer get stuck behind the grocery store in Marshall.
  • NPCs now properly move to the proper location during cinematic scenes.
  • Zombies no longer fall through floor in the Marshall courthouse.
  • Zombies can no longer get under porch or floor at the Wilkerson’s farmhouse.
  • Fixed a few rare crash bugs.
  • Fixed various translations bugs.

Source [State of Decay Forums]

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  • Drew

    I would like to add another bug I found. Reloading your weapon if you are out of ammo.I was playing a character and suddenly took me a while to reload my weapon. Another bug I found was when I was finding that missing survivor and found them. I had to defend them as they just crouched down without lending a hand. Suddenly I had 7-9 zombies attacking me and I ran out of stamina. Overall the you can do so much within in the first hour of the video game but didn’t even scratch the surface.Thank Microsoft for a patch…I might start over my game and play it differently.

  • Stan

    Are you one if those people that play all their games on easy drew? The reloading isn’t a bug, it’s to add challenge to the game so you can’t just go around blasting mindlessly. Go and play CoD or something ಠ_ಠ

  • Drew

    Actually I don’t play the noob games like Call of Duty. Second you need to understand about “bugs” in games. Just wait till others complain about the reload time of a gun. If it takes you 2 mins to reload in CoD then feel free to play that. Also next time you are free go watch the Walking Dead series again and see how long it takes them to reload a gun. I will give you the answer… It does not take long. Reloading in State of Decay is a bug problem. Nuff said.

  • Strat

    Reloading will become faster when your firearm level increases I think. Not everyone knows how to reload a weapon in 2 seconds first time they pick up a weapon and I assume that is what they are going for. It wouldn’t be classified as a bug if you are just complaining about the game’s mechanics. It threw me off at first but then you just have to get used to it.

  • Archer

    Had the same thing happen to me they just seem to stare at the clip and I also had problems with zombies attacking me through walls.

  • John

    It’s not a bug, it’s called reloading, and the reason it doesn’t take long to reload on a tv show is because the viewers don’t want to sit there and wait. And the missing survivors are supposed to crouch down, because they are scared, and you must defend them.

  • Christopher

    Personally, I hope the chunk of my car magically disappearing will be fixed. This too many infestations bug has already killed off 3 characters overnight, and has caused my population to go from 15 to 4 overnight; either everyone is missing, or dead. That and I hope they fix the issue with time. seeing as Xbox 360s have a built-in glitch with the clock, that they reset back everyday unless constantly connected to the internet; My friend lost over 80 food resources overnight since the xbox resets back 9 years every time it shuts off..

  • armani896

    I’ve got a bigger bug. My game won’t leave the loading screen, I’m on my third play through. I was playing the game when suddenly it freezes, you know that happens every once in awhile playing game, so I just turn off my Xbox and turn it back on. I get back on and it won’t leave the main loading screen, it doesn’t freeze I can still dashboard, but It just stays loading…….. That’s a bug and it sucks big time

  • bigge

    Yes the infestation thing is redic I can’t do anything but rescue people nemore. by the time I get back with one two more are missing. Wtf

    Also just today when I use the radio to find supply when complete they never appear on the map anymore

  • Jonny

    You should try reinstalling the game, it might help

  • John

    Both bugs in your post are confirmed and will be in Title Update 2. Undead labs stated before the first title update that there were currently 2 versions out, and the infestation glitch would only be fixed for the earlier buyers of the game (version 1) and a fix for version 2 would be in title update 2. TU2 is currently in certification and will most likely be out in less than a week, I am guessing a weekend release like TU1.

  • John

    My above comment was @bigge

  • Gavino

    Another bug is when I choose a gun for a character then switch to a different character. I’ll quit playing then when I come back to play I’ll switch to the first character I had and he/she would have a 100 rounds in a clip for a .45 to 9mm never worked on the rifles though