Skylanders Swap Force switches things up in October (update)

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In a move that should surprise no one, Activision has just announced Skylanders Swap Force will be released on October 13, 2013. That’s plenty of time for it to be on store shelves for parents to grab for kids as a holiday gift. Maybe even for it to go on sale during Black Friday 2013. You know how it goes, every October, there’s a new Skylanders.

Let’s get into prices, since Skylanders games are always expensive. The starter pack kit, with a portal and it looks like three characters. Based on the image above, it seems like it comes with Wash Buckler, Blast Zone and Stealth Elf. That will set you back $74.99. A standard figure will be $9.99, while characters with swapping parts will be $14.99. There are going to be 32 new characters, 16 standard and 16 swappable ones.

While we’re talking Skylanders Swap Force, let’s go ahead and watch a trailer. It’s a bit old, since it came out back in February, but it’s still fun to watch. You get to see some of the swap-able characters and some nifty animations.

I like the music in that, and the Kaos bit is actually pretty funny.

So yes, Skylanders Swap Force can be pre-ordered now. According to the Skylanders on Facebook, people who commit to it early will get a LightCore Hex figure.

If you’re curious about Skylanders Swap Force, stay tuned to GamerTell next week. I’ll definitely be checking the game out at E3 2013, and will share all of my impressions of the new gameplay features and interchangeable character parts.

Update: At E3 2013, Activision confirmed that Skylanders Swap Force will require a new kind of portal to handle the Swap Force figures, so everyone will have to reinvest in the $74.99 bundle.

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  • Justin Bullman

    Umm, just a couple of fwiw notes/questions…

    1-The new Skylanders Swapforce will require a new portal that can read the new 2-in-1 rfid chip?

    2-Without being overly specific, where exactly do you live? I have yet to see Lightcore Hex anywhere, even ebay doesn’t list any besides bogus pre-order scams?

    • Jenni Lada

      1. I confirmed during my E3 conference with Activision that a new portal will be required for Skylanders Swap Force.
      2. I was mistaken. I thought the article meant the current Lightcore Hex figure, not the new design.

      The article has not been updated/fixed because I wrote it just before leaving for E3 2013 at LA, and only just got home today. It will be adjusted accordingly.