Rare Sega Pluto prototype console has yet to be sold

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sega pluto

Roger Vega, owner of the Sega Pluto, has yet to sell his prized piece of gaming history. The news comes from the Twitter account of Sega fan site Sega Nerds which claims to have been in correspondence with Vega regarding a potential buyer that eventually backed out.

Sega Pluto: The undiscovered planet

The Sega Pluto hit the web back in April after an anonymous former Sega employee uploaded photographs of the never-before-seen prototype on retro gaming forum Assembler. The Pluto itself was simply a Sega Saturn with an internal 28.8 kbit/s modem that was previously available as a separate module named the Sega Saturn Net Link. Even so, the Sega Pluto was a one-of-a-kind machine, at least until Roger Vega entered the picture.

After seeing the a Sega Pluto report on Destructoid, American retro gamer Roger Vega realised that the unidentified console he has purchased years ago at a flea market for $1 was potentially worth thousands. A few days later and the second of two Sega Pluto consoles was up on video game auction site GameGavel.

Six days and three bids later Vega’s auction had ended at a whopping $7,600, yet hadn’t met the reserve. Vega then put his Sega Pluto up on eBay where it received 89 bids. The auction ended at $15,000 and the reserve was once again not met. It was an anticlimactic story to say the least and most gamers quickly forgot about the Sega Pluto in favour of more pressing gaming developments.

Thought the Sega Pluto was sold? – Think again

Almost a month after the end of the eBay auction and the Sega fan scene began to buzz with rumours of a potential Sega Pluto buyer. Another member of Assembler captured a series of Twitter conversations between Vega and Twitter user @lastmanoftruth, with the latter claiming that he had struck up a deal which would see him buy the Pluto for between $9,500-15,500.

But now, after a month and a half after the Sega Pluto was originally revealed, Roger Vega is back at square one. His rare prototype console remains unsold, and with so few retro gamers willing to spend the kind of money Vega’s auction reserves suggests he’s looking for, it may be some time before the Sega Pluto finds a new home.

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